Yesterday was Dec. 1, a day that brings either joy or disappear to thousands of pre-dental school applicants all over the country. It is the very first day that Dental schools send out acceptance letters, emails, or even phone calls to only a select few. I have been so blessed to have been accepted to not 1 school, but to 4 dental schools. My very top choice has accepted me to their school! They called me up and told me over a conference call with the rest of the board of admissions. I was so excited and thankful for this opportunity. 

Saeko and I went to Tucanos for lunch to celebrate. The entire day I had a smile on my face. It has been a wonder day. Tia Nena also drove down from Sandy to congratulate me and we spent the evening discussing the future and current events. 

Today I began looking into the cost of all the schools that I got accepted to and I am so sad to say that my top choice is the most expensive of the 4. I really want to go to this school and I feel so right about the decision as well but not the idea of the debt is weighing heavly on my mind. I have till the end of the month to decide. I will need to do a lot of praying and fasting in order to make sure that I make the right decision, not just for myself, but for my family.

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