Midterms so far

There hasn’t been too much to report so far in the week. I have been pretty busy with school and exams. Midterms are upon me and I can feel the pressure start to begin piling on. So far I have taken 2 out of 4 midterms. I am hoping to do better on these next 2 exam than I did on the first two. I was actually quite disappointed on how I did on my dental school prep midterm. Honestly, I think it is slightly unfair of professors to limit their exam questions. We had only 20 questions. If you miss only 1 question you are looking at 95%. That seems to be a bit unfair.

Besides the grade, I am really enjoying this class and the material we are learning. I am getting more and more excited about getting into dental school. I really hope I get in. Sometimes I feel that I am not the type of person to be accepted to Dental school. But as time moves on and the closer I get to taking the DAT I start feeling a sense of excitement and eagerness to work hard and do my best. All I can really do is do my best.

I have started my research on the different dental schools and making a decision on which school I want to apply to. Seeing that there are so many of them in the country and how expensive just applying really is, I will have to choose only a handful. I am thinking of apply to about 12 different schools. Later today I am going with the Dental Club to visit USN Dental School that is opening up soon. It will be a great experience for me. In the end, I really hope I can get accepted somewhere.


General Conference pt.1

General Conference is a time when God’s Prophet, Apostles, and General Authorities come together and address all the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Today’s messages were truly inspired from the Lord. As I was listening to these amazing men whom God has called I felt the spirit touch my heart. I was filled with a feeling of peace, love, and comfort. It testified to me that these men were and truly are Apostles and Prophets of Jesus Christ. The spirit testified to me that President Thomas S. Monson is really God’s prophet in our day.

One of the talks that I want to mention is President Uchtdorf’s talk he gave during the priesthood session. It was regrading pride. He mentioned how pride can be considered to be a gateway sin because in the core of all sins you can find pride. Pride is the most destructive force that will distance oneself from God. Instead of putting God as the source of one’s worship, the man in the mirror is. We learn from the scriptures of how entire civilizations were completely destroyed because of pride. We must be careful. We must be mindful of ourselves. We must be meek, humble, patient, and have charity (which is the pure love of christ) within our hearts. Let us be better, let us be true followers of our savior Jesus Christ.

I know that God loves us and is mindful of us. He has called a Prophet and Apostles in our day to warn us and teach us of eternal truths. Let us continue to pray to him and serve him with all our hearts, mind, might, and strength.



This video of Stephanie Neilson has really touched my heart. Her example of complete faith and trust in the Lord has really inspired me to be better, to be more  grateful for what I have in my life and for the life that God has given me.

We have been given so much. Everyday is truly a gift of God. Who are we? We are lower than the dust yet God, our Eternal Father, blesses us with a home, food, family, and life itself. God lives! He loves us. He wants us to be find joy in our life. There is so much more in life than simply school, work, and recreation. We are here for a reason, for a specific purpose. God will always be with us with his hands stretching ever forward toward us. We need but to reach out and grab it. Let him be the anchor our your soul. Be steadfast in righteousness. Let this be the start of your new life.


So all my old posts from my last blog successfully was transferred. I feel pretty relieved about that because I feel that I posted a few things that were truly heartfelt and meaningful.

Today, I had the privilege of listening to Elder Bateman give a lecture on Leadership on campus. It was a great and inspiring talk. I have to thank Saeko for dragging me to this event because I had no idea who was talking or on what exactly. Elder Bateman is in the presidency of the seventy and a former president of Brigham Young University. The key point of his talk was concerning leadership. He said that what is important in being a leader is summed up into 3 things.

  1. Be Trustworthy
  2. Have a vision
  3. Be able to communicate that vision

He talked about how Jesus was the perfect example of a leader. He was trustworthy, he never did or said that anything was contrary to what he believed. He had a vision. He knew where he was heading and nothing he did was contrary to that. And most importantly he was able to communicate his vision to his followers. This example shows how those 3 points can be applied to Christ himself. He was the perfect leader and there is much we can learn from him.

This really got me thinking about what kind of person I want to be and also the kind of person I need to be. Not only for myself but also for my family. I believe that we all need to have the qualities of a leader and I can do well to apply those 3 points into my own life.

Hello world!

So this is my very first entry here in my new blog. I am slightly disappointed because I thought that all my old blogs and posts was going to be transferred over to this new blog but it doesn’t look like that is the case. I could get upset about it or I can look at it as being a fresh start, a new beginning. I like to think that this will be a new beginning. It is almost like getting a brand new journal. That feeling that its pages will be filled with future events of you life. That is the feeling I am getting now. I hope I can make it great. Who knows what my future holds. I just know that whatever the future has in store for me Saeko and God will be there along side me.

World Record

This was couple of days has been some really great ones. One of the highlights is that I was part of the world’s largest water balloon fight ever! We made it into the world record! We beat the last record by only 20 people. There was over 3,900 people that participated. It was intense and so much fun. I have never seen anything like it. It was amazing! Needless to say Saeko and I got completely soaked head-to-toe. I was completely exhausted once the fight was over. 

In other news, Saeko and I got called to be ward missionaries. We pray that we can do much in the service of God. I know that this church is true and that God truly loves each and everyone of us. He wants us to be happy and find joy in our lives and wants to help if we but reach out to him.

Its a tuesday

This has been a pretty good week. I am surprised how fast this week has really been. Saeko and I have been doing great and I feel we have really been strengthening our relationship. Sunday in Elder’s Quorum we had a great lesson about preparedness, particularly about our food storage and other needful thing in case of emergency. That lesson really hit me hard and I really took it to heart. On monday for FHE I decided to have lesson about food storage and what ways we can begin to build one up. We both agreed that we want to follow the council of the first presidency and so by starting with at least a few things we believe we can fulfill that council.

This weekend Saeko has been sick and so I have been trying my best to take care of her. She is strong and tries to not let her illness affect her normal work life. Right now she is working hard on her internship up in Salt Lake. I don’t like seeing her having to commute all the way up there but there isn’t anything we can do about it as of yet. In other news, yesterday saeko and I both applied and had an interview for this temporary position as a security guard of the upcoming stadium of fire. I really hope we get it. This will help bring in some extra money. I can’t wait for the day saeko and I finish our schooling and actually have our careers and bring in the really money and not be so stressed about financies.