It seems that reality has finally showed its honest face. With Saeko back home, my family has finally begun. They say that the first 2 years is always the hardest and in some aspect I can understand. It is the transition stage. The time to learn to become a team and stop thinking about I or me but start thinking as we. I have learned a lot about myself and about what it means to be a husband. I suppose the biggest reality check we had so far was when we sat down the other day and began planning our finances and created a budget. We saw where we stood and where we want to be, and most importantly what we need to do to get there. We had to discuss what our priority are. We both agreed that education is our top priority. If we get the grades then our schooling becomes a source of income, with regard to scholarships and grants. In short, life is not as simple as we like to picture it is in our mind. It is a lot of work, but it is so great to know that I have someone who is standing next to me, supporting me, and helping me get through it together. 

This week has gone by pretty fast. I have officially ended all my chem. 107 labs and taken my practical lab exam today. It went great and solved the unknown substance in my first try. Those float charts are best! Now I am preparing for my 2nd infectious disease exam, which I plan on taking tomorrow. I feel pretty confident but I know that there is much I can do to improve to raise my chance of getting an A. In just 2 more weeks I will be finishing my finals and I will be one step closer to my dreams.

New Car!

This weekend has been a weekend full of adventure and risks. To start off with, I started this weekend feeling like the biggest idiot in the world. Saturday was the last and final day to go to the testing center and take my environmental health midterm exam. I had studied diligently for it and was ready to go and take it. Then a few things happened. Saeko got sick and I was pretty worried about her and also I got distracted right as I was walking out the door. To make a long, a pathetic, story short I missed the test. I had the wrong testing hours in mind and found out at the last minute that it was too late. I started to seriously panic, to think that I would get a 0 on an exam for a reason such as this was too much to bear. I quickly wrote to my professor and explain my situation and what happened. I am so thankful for his generosity. He allowed me to take it on tuesday (monday is a holiday). That was such a great blessing and relief to my mind. 

We later we to orem in search for a new car. We had to sell our last one and so we were determined to find a better car. Friday we went to the toyota dealership and didn’t find anything we wanted and were willing to spend on. We felt overly pressured from the sellers there aswell. Saterday we tried going to the Honda dealership, Mazda dealership, and also the Nissan dealership. Eventually we were able to find a car that we really liked and felt pretty good about. We did spend a bit more then we wanted to, but we felt that this was the best deal we have found and it felt good about it. We bought a 2005 Suzuki Aerio. It is a nice car. 
Afterwards, I took Saeko out to eat sushi. We tried out a new restaurant and it turned out to be a great restaurant. Unfortunately, we ordered way too much sushi and I had to really pack it in so we wouldn’t get charged for leftovers. I was in pain because I was so full. Saeko was pretty full as well. All in all it was a good day but Saeko is still sick and I am worried about her. She has a bad sore throat and a cough. I think she is getting a cold and she woke up in the middle of the night. I woke up as well and tended to her. I love her so much and am so grateful to have her in my life.

Stroke of kindness

Sunday has always been a day of worship and reverence to God. There are many ways we can keep that particular day holy and sacred, yet I find myself at fault much of the time. For me, it has always been difficult to keep this day sacred. When I say keeping the Sabbath day sacred what I am referring to is to always be thinking about the Savior. It is a special day where we ought to rest from our labors and worship God through spending time with our loved ones, quality time with family, helping others and even visiting the sick. It is hard not to treat Sunday as another saturday, especially for me when I am all

alone in the apartment. There are a few things I have promissed to myself that I wont do on Sundays and that is:
– Doing any sort of activity where I have to spend money and therefore cause someone else to work
– Study for school
– Exercise and activities of that like
You may not agree with how I view this day but its alright. You are free to choose how to spend this day. I also try not to watch TV or movies that do not have that religious feeling to it on Sundays and that is where I struggle the most. I have to admit that I do watch TV and movies on Sunday, especially this last one.
This Sunday, though, I felt that I did keep the spirit of worship alive. I read the scriptures and the words of Apostles. I also began preparing my lesson that I have to give next Sunday at Priesthood. I haven’t taught a class since my mission in Japan so I wasn’t thrilled about the idea but I know that this will be for my good. The Lord knows how to really humble and teach his children, doesn’t he? I also had the opportunity to share my testimony and even my conversion story to a friend of mine who is struggling in her life and is seeking the Lord’s forgiveness. I do not know that what I shared with her had an impact but I felt the peace that we all get when we share our pure testimonies and the spirit comes into our hearts. I also shared it at the church new website that they are working on. I believe it was
I have much improvements that I can, and should, make in my life but the first step is to know what you struggle in and what your weaknesses are, then working on them and strengthening them.

Last weekend of solitude

This has been a nice quiet little weekend. This weekend, I can say, will be my last one alone. This Thursday Saeko will finally be coming home from her internship in Paraguay. I am so proud of her for going out there and trying to make a difference in the lives of the people and in the NGO that she is working for. I can only imagine the challenges she must have faced due to her level of spanish. Although, I know that she has touched many people over there because of her genuine love and care she has for them. She has a huge heart and deeply desires to help everyone she can. 

On other news, I did do something productive this weekend. I was able to sell our car. It was a simple 2000 Toyota Corolla. It runs fine, but there is a risk that in the near future the engine will need to be looked at and rebuilt. We do not feel that we want to spend that kind of money to fix a used car (we don’t actually have that kind of money to spend) so we decided to sell it and spend that money on buying another car. I am starting to get mixed feelings about selling the car in its current condition but it is something I need to do. 
Lately I have been reading a book by Elder Russell M. Nelson, a member of the 12 Apostles. It is entitled "The Power Within Us." It is a great book and today I was reading the chapter on sacrifice. He talks about how the word’s meaning has changed through the years. He broke the word up to its latin counterpart and explained what it actually meant in the past and how it actually means when dealing with the scriptures. I found it interesting how the term to sacrifice in our minds we generally think of giving something up where in reality the literal definition actually means "make sacred." When we "sacrifice" are we really giving something up? Or are we striving for something more? Something in return? I feel that as we sacrifice our time and means we are actually striving to "make sacred every thought, every action, and our very character" toward God.
I like how King Benjamin once said "when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God."
I know that God is mindful of all of us and that He truly loves and cares for each one of us. Let us show our love to Him and not look at sacrifice as a negative action of choice but of one of gratitude and love.

A New Beginning

I have recently watch a small video that has really touched my heart. It’s entitled "My New Life" and you can watch at the It was such a great little clip about this mother who got in an air plane crash with her husband. They both survived but were badly burned and now she is seeing her life differently and its just a great story of faith and courage. 

I feel that my life has been a life of blessings. I say this because as I look back through the years and can only see the hand of the Lord leading me to this very moment. He has always been with me even at the times where I thought I was alone. I have learned that we are never alone. At the very times that we are facing the hardest challenges in life He is right there helping us and encouraging us to not give me. It is a blessing to have God in my life. It is a blessing to have the gospel in my life. I have made plenty of mistakes and gave many opportunities for Heavenly Father to abandon me and leave but He hasn’t. He has never given up on me and neither should I. I must be strong and overcome the challenges that I face and the challenges that lay ahead of me.
I am so blessed to have been able to be sealed with my eternal companion in the Lord’s holy temple. I felt such a warmth and love inside. I remember one moment as I was there I saw my life and how I got to that moment and it wasn’t short of a miracle. Saeko is the love of my life and I am so happy to have her as my wife. I feel that my life is complete. She completes me. All my life I have always felt that something was missing and there was. There were 2 very important things missing in my life; God and Saeko. 
Now we have been married for 3 weeks and our life together has just begun. It is a brand new beginning.


This has been such a great weekend. James, Vivian and little Emma were in town from wednesday night till tuesday morning. They had quite the schedule; moving from one place to the next in order to see everybody that they planned on seeing. As they went and visited all these people they felt it would be a great opportunity if I tagged along with them, which I did. It was a lot of fun. It was great seeing them all again. It has been 3 years since we last saw each other. It was also my very first time seeing sweet little Emma. She is so big. She is turing 2 next month. It definitely was a strange feeling seeing james again and as a father, no less.

James helped me a lot with my academic schedules. He gave me so much insights and advice that I am going over and thinking about. So I have decided to transfer down to BYU and not finish my associates degree at the LDS Business College. So I have applied to BYU for the summer semester as a visiting student and in the Fall I am planning on taking classes at BYU Salt Lake City and from there transfer down to BYU provo. I am way excited and I hope it all works out. I already applied to BYU SLC but I still need to get an endorsement from both my bishop and stake president. This will be fun. I am planning on getting all those things done this sunday. I aslo met up with James’ good friend Jordan who also is going into dentistry. He gave me some very good advice that I am also considering. Today I gave a nearby dentist a call and made an appointment to shadow him tomorrow at 1pm. I am way excited and hope it goes well. I hope I can learn a lot from this experience.


Hey, things are going pretty well. I can’t complain much at all. The drama has died down over here in G408 which is a great thing. We are all buddy buddy again. Yay! Lets see what else is new. We I got transfered at work to a new crew. I now work in the COB. Not bad. I wont have to move around anymore so I am pretty happy about that.

My back hurts though. I think it was because of cleaning chairs. It does that to people. Well, if you keep having to bend down your back will start to be sore. So from this I have decided to try and strengthen my back muscles. Do back exercises. Smart huh? Well, in other news it seems like this swine flu is starting to get serious. We do not know how serious it will be, whether the virus will mutate weaker or stronger. Only time will tell. Another one of the Lord’s plague? Most likely. The world is getting ever so wicked.