Yesterday was Dec. 1, a day that brings either joy or disappear to thousands of pre-dental school applicants all over the country. It is the very first day that Dental schools send out acceptance letters, emails, or even phone calls to only a select few. I have been so blessed to have been accepted to not 1 school, but to 4 dental schools. My very top choice has accepted me to their school! They called me up and told me over a conference call with the rest of the board of admissions. I was so excited and thankful for this opportunity. 

Saeko and I went to Tucanos for lunch to celebrate. The entire day I had a smile on my face. It has been a wonder day. Tia Nena also drove down from Sandy to congratulate me and we spent the evening discussing the future and current events. 

Today I began looking into the cost of all the schools that I got accepted to and I am so sad to say that my top choice is the most expensive of the 4. I really want to go to this school and I feel so right about the decision as well but not the idea of the debt is weighing heavly on my mind. I have till the end of the month to decide. I will need to do a lot of praying and fasting in order to make sure that I make the right decision, not just for myself, but for my family.


This past thursday I finally took the DAT and it went really well. I was so nervous and I was really expecting to do pretty bad. The whole week prior I kept psyching  myself out. I took a couple practice tests which I did really well at but then hearing from other people who took the these practice tests and than took the real DAT, they said that the real DAT was sooo much harder than those tests and those tests where not even worth it. I was freaking out and getting so nervous. I was praying that I get a 18 at least. I ended up getting a 21!!!! I was so shocked and completely overwhelmed. I still feel so shocked. Its an amazing feeling. I feel like I already got accepted to dental school. Now I am working on getting all my supplementary applications in and pay all the application fees.

Things are going my way. 🙂 I feel so refreshed and freedom because I no longer have to think about the DAT or have anything to do with it. Freedom!


I apologize for not being able to write here in such a long time. I have been pretty busy. This semester has been pretty stressful. Probably because I also have to prepare for the DAT and apply to dental school. I was able to ask my professors for letters of recommendation and now I need to help Dr. Harding to be able to write me a good letter of recommendation. I am getting pretty excited to take the DAT and start the application process. I really hope I do well and get accepted. We will see how it goes.

Right now, I am getting ready to hear the words of God’s Prophet and Apostles. I am so excited to hear their councils and the word of the Lord.

Struggles of the Day

Today was like any other day except I felt that something wasn’t quite right. Call it what you may, I probably just happen to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but I kept feeling that something wasn’t right.

Last night we had some issues come up with our bank and so this morning we had to drive over there and sort it all out. I wasn’t too happy about the whole situation but luckily it was resolved fairly quickly. Yet something still didn’t feel right. After the trip to the bank we headed to the LDS temple to do a session. I figured that being in their I will be able to get some sort of answer and relief. To my greatest disappointment I felt nothing and got nothing out of that experience. That had to be a first for me. I became greatly troubled and depressed.

After a few hours at home just sulking and watching videos online I realized that what was happening was that I have been slowly distancing myself and weakening my testimony and faith. Probably through slothfulness in regards with scripture readings and so forth. I felt that I needed to do something and so I prayed and pleaded with Heavenly Father to reach out to me and help me. I started reading “Preach my Gospel”. I haven’t really read the lessons in there since my mission (as far as I can remember).

Something happened when I was readying lesson 1 -the restoration. It was like a light bulb just lit up. I realize just now that it was a message from Heavenly Father. It was about my relationship with him. I realized that God didn’t send me here to fail, he sent me here to succeed. He sent all of us here to succeed. And even though life is tough sometimes he is supporting us and cheering us on because he does not want us to fail. I still don’t really understand why I felt so lousy most of the day but I did learn a valuable lesson. I need to strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father and also with Jesus Christ. I am grateful for this experience.

World Fest

So all this week BYU has been having a “World Fest”. This ‘fest’ allows people to learn more about all the different countries and cultures around the world. Each day around noon, they have been presenting an hour long presentation consisting of dances and music from a number of countries.

Tonight there was a World food festival. I was able to try foods from many different countries. I admit, I am a bit biased and focused my attention to the Japanese food. I love sushi! I suppose that is my greatest weakness 😉 I was able to meet new people and make new friends. I also ran into a couple of people I haven’t seen in awhile. Life is great sometimes, isn’t it? And tomorrow, I am having a date night. Fun!


This week has been insane. I feel like each week their is another exam I need to worry about. There really is no time to breathe or relax. The one great thing is that the semester is coming to an end. We have roughly 1 month left to go. It is so exciting and yet I dread the coming forth of the FINALS!

Something very interesting happened to me as I was walking from my car to the wilk. I guess you could call it a daydream or maybe a vision? Well anyways, I pretty much was seeing myself opening a letter from a dental school and finding out that I got accepted! I completely freaked out. Screaming the top of my lungs, like I was in some sort of Football game. For some reason I was then filled with a sense of eagerness to have that experience in reality and also a sense of excitement. I quickly got into my study labs and got to work. I feel like I am up to the challenge of working hard and getting the results I desire.
Is that progress? I think so. The question now is can I make this new found determination last? I hope so.

I also got accepted to the Golden Key International Honor Society. This was exciting. I was an awful student all through middle and high school. I am so glad I was able to completely turn my life around. God has really helped me make it to where I am and who I am today.

Country Road

I started listening to this one song from Studio Ghibli’s film Wisper of the Heart. Its a japanese version of country roads. Everytime I listen to it I just feel happy.

Here is the lyrics in japanese

Hitori botchi Osorezuni
Ikiyou to Yume miteta
Samishisa Oshi komete
Tsuyoi jibun o Mamotte iko

Country road
Kono michi Zutto Yukeba
Ano machi ni Tsuzuiteru Ki ga suru
Country road

Donna samishi toki datte
Keshite namida wa misenaide
Kokoro nashi ka houchou ga hayaku natte iku
Omoide Kesu tame

Country road
Kono michi Furusato e Tsuzuitemo
Boku wa Yukanai sa Yukanai
Country road

Country road
Ashita wa Itsumo no Boku sa
Kaeritai Kaerenai Sayonara
Country road